Friday, August 28, 2009

Philly Alternative Comic Con poster!

the official poster of PACC!

charles burns ‘blackhole’

pat aulisio  ’bootlegs’ ‘dude man yo’

sally bloodbath  ’always comix’

matt wiegle ‘the four husbands’

ian harker  ’avant guards’ ‘fuck success’

hans rickheit  ’chrome fetus comics’ ‘the squirrel machine’

box brown ‘love is a peculiar type of thing’

space 1026 table featuring, Mark PriceAndrew Jeffrey Wright, Michael Gerkovich, Bonnie Brenda Scott, Jason Hsu, Bill McRight, Greg Pizzoli, and others

beth heinly ‘3:00 book’

steve peters ‘tails of sparky’

eamon dougherty 

cheri stevens ‘pictures of crying children’

bill roundy ‘amazing adventures of bill’

jared gniewek ‘all jared funnies’

leah mackin ‘holly holly hobby hobby’

chloe crawford

anni altshuler ‘holly holly hobby hobby’

lance simmons ‘the owl’ ‘kensington death urge #1′

cyn why ‘no talent hack’

mike sgier ‘ballad of toby and sara’ ’supernova lullaby’

larry west  ’larry west productions’

bryan g. brown ’first fight’

greg labold ‘mush manican’

lew death ‘love is a many splendor thing’

justin decarlo ‘hyper toast’

jeremy gecker ‘everyday adventure’ 

jason mcdonald

cliff face comics with marcos perez and justin fox

doug slack ‘hardboiled horror tales’

maria sputnik ‘monster treasure comics digest’

virginia fleming

hawk krall

chogrin and the autumn society

brett hopkins

Sunday, August 23, 2009

philly alt comic con flyer by cyn

this is a poster by my friend cyn why
promoting the philly alt comic con of course

Sunday, August 9, 2009