Wednesday, November 3, 2010

the last match art show

so ive been in contact with some awesome Latvian cartoonists that put together the baltic comic magazine formerly known as Kusi! (now its just an S with a dot above it, however your pronounce that...)
anyways they asked me to be apart of there traveling art show exhibition known as 'the last match' where they sent me a very SMALL piece of paper to draw on, which will then be exhibited all around europe. the show is growing all the time and seemingly will go on forever, its been happening for about a year now and they have over 200 artists already. looking through the different artists on there flickr page there are about 10 or even less of the 200+ that are from the USA, so i'm really proud to be apart of this european art show representing the states. you can see the flickr page here and the blog about the show here
below is what i did for the show, next to a quarter to show scale