Friday, August 19, 2011

New Work

so im in a bunch of new stuff right now, check it all out!

Catch-Up is a literary zine with a thick ass comic section im in, based out of louisville.
the site says the issue is now available, how to get one im not entirely sure, there whole site is under construction, but i am told that it indeed does exist! i saw the pdf version a while ago and there are some amazing artists in there like Mark Hensel, Katie Skelly, Sam Gaskin, Josh Burggraf, Gil Gentile, Lane Milburn, Malachi Ward, and PB Kain amongst other.
stalk there site for further instructions when and where it is available

Hope Mountain vol. 2 hit the streets this weekend! i have a bunch of copies, even more are floating around a few bars, coffee shops, and galleries in philly.
another free tabloid, very elusive to find, 2000 in existence, ill have some with me at the various cons im going to this season
check the streets of rochester new york for some more. they posted the entire first issue online, im sure the second will be posted at one point or another.
check it out here

This above piece is from the new issue of BAM POW, the west philly based art zine.
again, you can't buy this baby online, theres only about 200 in existence and they are exclusively sold at various parties, shows, and art openings organized by the Chernobyl Collective Arts.
check out there site to go to one of there house parties any given weekend and pick up a copy!

and of course SUSPECT DEVICE!
the Josh Bayer edited anthology of all weird experimental nancy comics!
cover by Jon Vermilyea, featuring awesome comics by Box Brown, Mike Sgier, Liz Hickey, Sam Henderson, Dane Martin, Josh Burggraf and about amillion more people. this book is fucking amazing! and its easy to buy online! only $5!