Tuesday, September 8, 2009

upcoming events!!

this sunday, september 13th Philly Alternative Comic Con at the 941 theater

september 20th Philly Zine Fest at the Rotunda

september 26th and 27th SPX in bethesda Maryland

october 3rd 'Creepy' art opening Pterodactyl Philly Studio

october 10th and 11th Baltimore Comic Con, baltimore Maryland

october 17th BYoTY book fair at little berlin, philly pa

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Batman Tabloid

the past 2 weeks me and my fellow philly comix jam members have been distributing out tabloid anthology 'what makes a man dress up like a bat??' all across philadelphia.

last night was the release party/art show at brave new worlds comic store in old city philly. lots of beer was drunk and comix were sold, and bob pistilli, a philly comix jam member, did a reading of his comic bat-ish man
here is my page and bobs reading