Wednesday, July 28, 2010


so i used to work at this vegan friendly pizza place called gianna's for 3 years here in philly. bored, looking through i found a bunch of reviews, specifically targeting me and about how much of a rude dick i am, here are some highlights!

....The customer service was terrible too, the guy working was so unfriendly and kinda rude. Won't be coming back!

I have been eating here on and off for the past five years. Gianna's offers tasty food and terrible service. The restroom looks like a stadium bathroom after a triple overtime Eagles loss to the Cowboys.
If my rating was based solely on the food, I would give Gianna's four stars because their vegan food is usually pretty good and they come up with interesting combinations for pizza toppings. The vegan tomato pie with vegan beef and garlic is fantastic. That being said, it's hard to overlook the fact that you are normally treated like a hindrance instead of a customer. The restaurant could also use a thorough visit by Mr. Clean.

It's a dump inside like most pizza places, and the people that work there are so rude, it was a big turn off. I'll just be getting delivery from there now on and not dealing with the clowns that work in there at the register from now on.

2 friends from out of town wanted to go here because they saw the place on a food TV show. We showed up and were shocked at what a dump the joint is. Filthy, rag tag dilapidated chairs. And worse yet, the staff was just a bunch of bitchy hipsters. Seriously, they made us feel SO unwelcome that we left and went somewhere else. I would never go back to this place.

They are rude beyond belief. Oh I'm sorry to be so bothersome while I give you my money.

First off, I would have given this place a 2 or a 3 but they get 1 star for their rude, unhelpful staff (sorry, were we not hipster enough for you?) and fairly dirty interior. Seriously, would it kill them to clean? I'm surprised the health department hasn't been by recently. Trust me, I'm no stranger to divey places that are rough around the edges, but this place needed a serious cleaning.

First I see a highly patronizing, crabby sign that says something to the degree of, figure out if you are a vegetarian or a meateater and order accordingly. And no, you can't return your sandwich if it's wrong. I don't understand how there are love notes to this place in loopy handwriting next to this sign.

Then, the conversation with the went like this with the underage cashier:
Me: what kind of cheese do you have?
Him: mozarella, cheddar, american, provolone, cheese whiz, vegan, etc.
Me: okay, I'll have cheddar on my gigi special (that's the vegetarian cheesesteak which btw, turned out sort of bland and I'm sure full of dye and chemicals.)
Him: oh, we're out of cheddar
Me: (thinking it was retarded of him to mention cheddar when they were out of it). Okay, American.
Him: fine. drink?
Me: a water please
Him: oh we're out of waters too. Sorry!
Me: okay, a Sprite I guess.

Then I proceeded to order a vegan peanut butter cupcake, but it slipped out of my hands and crashed onto the floor. Because of the earlier sign and the ditziness of the cashier I didn't go back to get another, or even have the balls to ask for a free one - explaining my clumsiness.

I find the staff, while never quite rude, definitely not friendly and don't seem to give a damn that someone is a paying customer. It's definitely not a matter of "getting what you give," as I'm never rude, sometimes overly considerate and apologetic if I'm taking more than a few seconds. I just think it's their personalities.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


you should all check out the new FREE Philly-based art magazine, dirty, which i art directed.
it has 3 pages of comics by my friends Beth Heinly, Ian Harker, Box Brown, James t. Arnold, and of course me.
as well as artist features of Brad Haubrich and Steve Streisguth.

it was a fun thing to put together, and they came out super sexy! nice thick glossy paper with a sewn binding!!

Fellow Philadelphians, watch for it at all the cool coffee shops, bars, record stores, and art galleries! ITS FREE!!

for the rest of the world you can view it online here

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Seduction of the Innocent

my good friend Lance Hansen just released a new book of pinups featuring girls reading comic books called Seduction of the Innocent. I was lucky enough to be apart of this project and the only way to see my contribution is to buy the book here!

heres the blurb:
We are very excited about our newest art anthology, Seduction of Innocent. Seduction of the Innocent is a collection of Pin-ups, by various artists, of pretty girls reading comics. Artists include: Art Baxter, Jeffrey Brown, Ivan Brunetti, Tony Consiglio, Dylan Horrocks, Danny Hellman, Sam Henderson, Dave Kiersh, Peter Kuper, Walter Minus, Johnny Ryan, David Yurkovich and many, many others! Beautiful cover image by Seamus Heffernan!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Official PACC Poster

as many of you know, im the head organizer/boss dude of the philly alternative comic con.
its august 8 and the contributor list is siiick. all the top mini-comic makers of philly will be there! check out the full contributor list at the PACC SITE HERE

Monday, July 5, 2010


this is my new webcomic updated every monday at
new strip up now! (its not the one posted here!)
and while your at it go ahead and browse the 100+ comics ink answer has, its updated on an almost daily basis!

Thursday, July 1, 2010



me and my good friend Adam Fergurson (hes actually the guy under luckys face in my profile pic) are currently working on a full on installation-mural-art-photo-insanity show at Pterodactyl!

its going to be called MYSTIC MONSTERS

and it will have

1 BP Oil Leak installation made of thousands of feet of vhs tape

2 abstracted comics

3 full wall mural of mystic monsters

4 found photos

5 re-appropriated advertisements

6 an 8 foot collaborative drawing/collage

7 a collaborative triptych done on vellum

8 full wall of adams work

9 wall of comics by me

10 opening night dj dance party!

its going to be massive and span every media!!

go here for the facebook page