Tuesday, September 28, 2010


WOW! were already at issue 3! in less then a year!
heres a preview of my comic. SP3 will be released at the brooklyn comics and graphics fest this december. more info about submitting work yourself go here

Thursday, September 23, 2010


ill be selling comics at little berlin's second annual BYOTY!
also did you know little berlin has a zine library? with some of my books! you can get a sneak peek online here, or come to the byoty in person, buy some of my books then check out the library! do it!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Going Global

i was lucky enough to be asked to participate in the international art show about hand-made zines, books, and comics called 'even my mum can make a zine' that took place at the gallery manzara perspectives in ISTANBUL, TURKEY! i had my books inhabitants and pat makes drawings 2, there for all to read, here are some pics i grabbed highlighting my stuff, you can see a ton more pics and a video of the opening at the site here

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

epic comic preview

right now im working on an epic comic anthology, the sheer scope of it is hush-hush for now, but here is some previews for you.

some character design

surprisingly this is the 3rd draft of the script, which is more or less the 'final draft', i do usually change some parts when i actually start penciling it, but this is how i usually work... extremely loose and sloppy.

this is cover desigin part-way done. the borders are all cut off cuz the page is top big for my scanner, but you get the point.

watch out for this epic book to be released at the brooklyn comics and graphics fest! december!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


So i'm lucky enough to live by 2 awesome stores that sell old cheap comics across the street from each other, mostly books and philly aids thrift. they both get 'new' boxes of donated comics seemingly at least once a month. earlier in the month i was shockingly surprised to see someone donated a large collection of 70-80s marvel comics, i got some original jack kirby monster comics, a near complete run of howard the duck, and the daredevil comics that frank miller did when he introduced elektra and all the ninja stuff, all for about 3-4$ each which i thought was the ultimate find (ive been reading howard the duck all month long). but yesterday i was digging through the 50 cent bin at mostly books and my first awesome find was an issue of bone #7, only 50 cents! if that wasnt cool enough i found the best most obscurely awesome comic ever, MICHAEL JACKSON AS CAPTAIN EO IN 3D!!!

i must say, i remember owning a ninja turtles comic in 3d when i was a kid so i havent experienced original blue/red 3d in a long time, and i am blown away! its actually really fucking awesome looking. it basically makes it look like you can see the different planes of vision with space between the characters and the background. why dont they still make comics like these???

so whats it about? well on the cover it says its based after a movie that GEORGE LUCAS and FRANCIS COPPOLA MADE! what? how come i never heard of this? well it apparently was only released in disneyland, disneyworld, and the epcot center. upon some googling i found out it played from 86-90 and it actually got re-released this year! the story is so simple stupid. we start off being introduced to the 'rag tag band' in the middle of a space dog fight, its michael as captain eo and a few furry creatures (one named hooter whos ongoing joke is he eats everything) and a robot too (that later turns into a drum set)
their mission is to give a gift to a supreme leader of some unnamed planet. they end up crash landing on the supreme leaders planet by accident and get arrested. upon being arrested for trespassing michael tells the leader (a very clive barker looking monster girl) he has a present for her, which is of course a song and dance. she gets mad and tells her guards to kill them so while dancing michael apparently can shoot lightning from his hands and kills all the guards. he then goes on to kill the supreme leader, all while singing his song with the verse 'we are here to change the world!'.
it ends with some woman, who we dont know who she is, that just appears after the leader dies and smiles. the end.
so basically he goes to a planet, kills the leader, and replaces her with a new leader that isnt a hideous monster. sounds very american.

my head was to big for the cardboard frame so i had to tape them to my glasses to get the full effect

this is one of the funny parts, captain eo is being called by his superior, being nagged that hes late so hooter throws a big melon at the screen and michael does his patented 'hoo hoo!' COMIC GOLD!

this is apart of the dog fight in the beginning where the outrun the ship chasing them and make it crash and get destroyed killing all of its passengers, then michael screams 'woa!'

and this is the end, the first panel is the supreme leader monster being vaporized followed by the inexplicable woman appearing to end the comic.

its actually wonderfully drawn in realistic way, and 3d shots of all the space craft is my favorite part, all the ship parts are detailed and it looks like it goes back in space. its drawn by Tom Yeates.


Monday, September 6, 2010

Bare Knuckle at SPX

my new book ive been furiously drawing for the past 3 weeks is now complete!

a 4 color, 10 page, beat em up classic called 'bare knuckle' referred to previously at 'super mega punch'

heres the cover and a preview of what kind of action is in store!

ill have these bad boys ready for spx this weekend! so watch out!