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Creepy Show art!

i just got my art back from the creepy show at pterodactyl that was up october-november

wastedlands 8

Friday, December 4, 2009

Wastedlands 7

Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest

im lucky enough to have a table at this show saturday! ill be there with Ian Harker representing yeah dude comix, philly comix jam, and all good cartoonists from philadelphia! i will have a free book to hand out featuring pages from inhabitants, cmon man, wastedlands, and bootlegs 2!

The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival

Saturday December 5th 2009: 11 AM - 7 PM
Our Lady of Consolation Church
184 Metropolitan Ave.
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Free admission

Download the festival program here for a map and schedule.

The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival consists of 3 components in 3 nearby locations in Williamsburg, Brooklyn:

-Over 50 exhibitors selling their zines, comics, books, prints and posters in a bustling market-style environment at Our Lady of Consolation Church, 184 Metropolitan Ave.
Panel discussions and lectures by prominent artists, as well as an exhibition of vintage comic book artwork at Secret Project Robot, 128 River St.
An evening of musical performances at DBA, 49 S. 2nd St.

In the cozy basement of Our Lady of Consolation Church (184 Metropolitan), exhibitors will display and sell their unique wares. Exhibitors include leading graphic book publisher Drawn & Quarterly of Montreal; famed French screenprint publisher Le Dernier Cri; artist's book publisher Nieves of Zurich, Switzerland; Italian art book publisher Corraini; master printer David Sandlin; and tons of individual artists and publishers from Brooklyn.

Featured guests include the renowned artists Gabrielle Bell, R. O. Blechman, Pakito Bolino, Charles Burns, Anya Davidson, Kim Deitch, C.F., Carlos Gonzales, Ben Katchor, Michael Kupperman, Mark Newgarden, Gary Panter, Ron Rege Jr., Peter Saul, Dash Shaw, R. Sikoryak, Jillian Tamaki, Adrian Tomine, and Lauren Weinstein, among others.

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bootlegged man-thing preview

preview for my next batch of bootlegged super hero comics.


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jam sketch

heres a jam sketch i did with sally bloodbath and matt wiegle at the richmond zine fest!

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Sighting

creepy show

you can see 2 out of 4 of my drawings i did for the creepy show at pterodactyl philadelphia thats up right now at their gallery slide show here

the show is up til the end of november and who knows when ill get around to scanning in the images, so go check it out!
3237 Amber St. Box 3 Fifth Floor North
Philadelphia, PA 19134

i'd also like to mention my books are for sale at molly's book store in the italian market
1010 S 9th St Philadelphia, PA 19147-4707

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Site! Yeah Dude Comics!

i re-designed my website! it now features a section called 'yeah dude' which is my start up comix distro. i got a bunch of comics from the best and brightest of the philly comix scene and now i'll be selling them at shows. as of now i dont have a webstore set up, but i will soon enough once i figure out how to do shipping rates... for now i'll be just selling them at shows. i have a possible show coming up in december in north philly as well as the brooklyn comics and graphic arts fest december 5th.

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kittens and comics!

heres a little hype flyer i made for next weekend. ill be at the richmond zine fest as well as king con! also erin griffin of cavities comix wasnt able to make it and is replaced by matt wiegle of partyka!

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Box Brown comic

i got immortalized this weekend at the byoty by the lovable philly cartoonist Box Brown. check it out here

Friday, October 16, 2009


hey everyone! just letting you know tomorrow is the 'bring your own table yo!' book fair at little berlin, thrown by my fellow comix jammer beth heinly! not only will there be over 25 artists (including me of course!) selling comics, zines, books, art books, and artsy comic zine books, but it will be the grand opening of the little berlin library! first time in philly that there will be a library made for artists, by artists, with artist books! you can read more in this weeks citypaper article here

free admission too!

Monday, October 12, 2009

works update

hey everyone!
its been a while since i posted some art so i figure ill give you a sneak peak of one of the 4 comics on im working on right now! this is page 2 of a 4 page comic for the next issue of always comics anthology, this time around the theme is numbers. i decided to write a story about infinity and the idea that time has a definate end instead of being cyclical.

im also still chugging away at my comic inhabitants and im 25 out of 48 pages deep. once that is done it will have an accompanying art show and release party next spring. the next issue of philly comix jam tabloid anthology is in the works as well, also slated for spring. and also a giant (think kramers ergot) epic screenprinted comic entitled 'yeah dude' is almost ready to be inked, which im not sure the release of that will be... probably spring...

aside from comics i have art hanging up at pterodactyl philadelphia right now for their creepy show, hanging until november. i didnt manage to grab any scans before they got hung up, but ill make sure to post them on here when i get them back.

i also have a very exciting comics business venture coming up that i will unveil in the next month or so as well as starting on next years philly alternative comic con. i had an article about my class that im teaching about comics in the philly weekly a few weeks ago, so when im done with that a whole new batch of mini comic makers will be out in philly!

and if anyone didnt already know the philly comix scene is killin it right now! i feel like within the past year or so theres been a tremendous amount of meet and greet, networking, and overall unity between philly cartoonists making a sort of renaissance of alt comix thats going on right now! so i encourage everyone to go to your local xerox machine and make some comix!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Con Updates

here's a little picture update of what the past few weeks have been like. it was a 3 week blitzkreig of philly alternative comic con, followed by philly zine fest (no pictures from that), and spx
this was the philly comix jam table at spx this past weekend, i shared the spot with fellow philly comix jammers art baxter and ian harker. this unfortunatley was the only time i took my camera out during spx.  we all had a great time and i met a bunch of cool people for the first time and ones that i knew through the internet.  a main highlight for me was hanging out with matt furie at 4 am. 
this was at my first annual pacc (philly alternative comic con aka pat aulisio comic con) here is me with the man of the day charles burns
heres a nice sideways pic of the space 1026 table with mark price and mike gerkovich
here's ian harker working on his next experimental avant guard masterpiece comic
beth heinly and her character that came to life pumpkinhead, who was peeing on t shirts for all the fans that day
heres a shot of me ian and art section, pre-cursor to spx...
heres the pictures of crying children artists and cyn why being table neighbors
heres 90's slacker comic legend doug slack showing off his slave labor graphics title
a nice shot of the hall itself as well as art baxters head
another sideways shot of me and pumpkin head. you can see his water bottle penis sticking out of his pants
art baxter holding down the philly comix jam table giving out the free tabloid 'what makes a man dress up like a bat?'
the always comix girls, lovely as always selling off their massive catalogue of comix
heres lance hansen and mike sgier patiently waiting to make money
heres box brown, hawk krall, jesse moynihan and unidentified girl that was selling with them
larry west selling his punk rock prints with his giant mohawk
here are one of the  few commuters, marcos perez and justin fox, who then later at spx got me incredibly drunk at spx with justin's fancy burbon causing my horrible sunday all-day hangover. thanks guys!
the calm before the storm. whered everyone go? 

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

upcoming events!!

this sunday, september 13th Philly Alternative Comic Con at the 941 theater

september 20th Philly Zine Fest at the Rotunda

september 26th and 27th SPX in bethesda Maryland

october 3rd 'Creepy' art opening Pterodactyl Philly Studio

october 10th and 11th Baltimore Comic Con, baltimore Maryland

october 17th BYoTY book fair at little berlin, philly pa

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Batman Tabloid

the past 2 weeks me and my fellow philly comix jam members have been distributing out tabloid anthology 'what makes a man dress up like a bat??' all across philadelphia.

last night was the release party/art show at brave new worlds comic store in old city philly. lots of beer was drunk and comix were sold, and bob pistilli, a philly comix jam member, did a reading of his comic bat-ish man
here is my page and bobs reading

Friday, August 28, 2009

Philly Alternative Comic Con poster!

the official poster of PACC!

charles burns ‘blackhole’

pat aulisio  ’bootlegs’ ‘dude man yo’

sally bloodbath  ’always comix’

matt wiegle ‘the four husbands’

ian harker  ’avant guards’ ‘fuck success’

hans rickheit  ’chrome fetus comics’ ‘the squirrel machine’

box brown ‘love is a peculiar type of thing’

space 1026 table featuring, Mark PriceAndrew Jeffrey Wright, Michael Gerkovich, Bonnie Brenda Scott, Jason Hsu, Bill McRight, Greg Pizzoli, and others

beth heinly ‘3:00 book’

steve peters ‘tails of sparky’

eamon dougherty 

cheri stevens ‘pictures of crying children’

bill roundy ‘amazing adventures of bill’

jared gniewek ‘all jared funnies’

leah mackin ‘holly holly hobby hobby’

chloe crawford

anni altshuler ‘holly holly hobby hobby’

lance simmons ‘the owl’ ‘kensington death urge #1′

cyn why ‘no talent hack’

mike sgier ‘ballad of toby and sara’ ’supernova lullaby’

larry west  ’larry west productions’

bryan g. brown ’first fight’

greg labold ‘mush manican’

lew death ‘love is a many splendor thing’

justin decarlo ‘hyper toast’

jeremy gecker ‘everyday adventure’ 

jason mcdonald

cliff face comics with marcos perez and justin fox

doug slack ‘hardboiled horror tales’

maria sputnik ‘monster treasure comics digest’

virginia fleming

hawk krall

chogrin and the autumn society

brett hopkins