Friday, October 2, 2009

Con Updates

here's a little picture update of what the past few weeks have been like. it was a 3 week blitzkreig of philly alternative comic con, followed by philly zine fest (no pictures from that), and spx
this was the philly comix jam table at spx this past weekend, i shared the spot with fellow philly comix jammers art baxter and ian harker. this unfortunatley was the only time i took my camera out during spx.  we all had a great time and i met a bunch of cool people for the first time and ones that i knew through the internet.  a main highlight for me was hanging out with matt furie at 4 am. 
this was at my first annual pacc (philly alternative comic con aka pat aulisio comic con) here is me with the man of the day charles burns
heres a nice sideways pic of the space 1026 table with mark price and mike gerkovich
here's ian harker working on his next experimental avant guard masterpiece comic
beth heinly and her character that came to life pumpkinhead, who was peeing on t shirts for all the fans that day
heres a shot of me ian and art section, pre-cursor to spx...
heres the pictures of crying children artists and cyn why being table neighbors
heres 90's slacker comic legend doug slack showing off his slave labor graphics title
a nice shot of the hall itself as well as art baxters head
another sideways shot of me and pumpkin head. you can see his water bottle penis sticking out of his pants
art baxter holding down the philly comix jam table giving out the free tabloid 'what makes a man dress up like a bat?'
the always comix girls, lovely as always selling off their massive catalogue of comix
heres lance hansen and mike sgier patiently waiting to make money
heres box brown, hawk krall, jesse moynihan and unidentified girl that was selling with them
larry west selling his punk rock prints with his giant mohawk
here are one of the  few commuters, marcos perez and justin fox, who then later at spx got me incredibly drunk at spx with justin's fancy burbon causing my horrible sunday all-day hangover. thanks guys!
the calm before the storm. whered everyone go? 

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