Monday, October 12, 2009

works update

hey everyone!
its been a while since i posted some art so i figure ill give you a sneak peak of one of the 4 comics on im working on right now! this is page 2 of a 4 page comic for the next issue of always comics anthology, this time around the theme is numbers. i decided to write a story about infinity and the idea that time has a definate end instead of being cyclical.

im also still chugging away at my comic inhabitants and im 25 out of 48 pages deep. once that is done it will have an accompanying art show and release party next spring. the next issue of philly comix jam tabloid anthology is in the works as well, also slated for spring. and also a giant (think kramers ergot) epic screenprinted comic entitled 'yeah dude' is almost ready to be inked, which im not sure the release of that will be... probably spring...

aside from comics i have art hanging up at pterodactyl philadelphia right now for their creepy show, hanging until november. i didnt manage to grab any scans before they got hung up, but ill make sure to post them on here when i get them back.

i also have a very exciting comics business venture coming up that i will unveil in the next month or so as well as starting on next years philly alternative comic con. i had an article about my class that im teaching about comics in the philly weekly a few weeks ago, so when im done with that a whole new batch of mini comic makers will be out in philly!

and if anyone didnt already know the philly comix scene is killin it right now! i feel like within the past year or so theres been a tremendous amount of meet and greet, networking, and overall unity between philly cartoonists making a sort of renaissance of alt comix thats going on right now! so i encourage everyone to go to your local xerox machine and make some comix!

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