Monday, January 31, 2011

Everything Dies

duh! i forgot to mention yesterday, me and my good friend Box Brown have been working on a comic together about my beliefs that is apart of his ongoing religious based comic series Everything Dies.
I'm just going to let the comic do the talking for me, then you can decide how actually crazy i am.
click the page above to go to his site and read the whole thing!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

wee bit update

its a month into 2011 and what have i been doing??

sitting around mostly, but some art stuff too.

Next Friday ill be participating in the art show Refugee Reading Room organized by Amze Emmons at Space 1026.
this show will be highlight Amze's printing and paintings while have an installation of a post-utopian newsstand, on that newsstand you'll be able to pick up FREE copy of year three hundred million collected edition as well as secret prison 3.

also in early February i'll have a 2 page comic featured in the Latvian anthology kuš!
i'll be sure to post when it is available for purchase.

soon to be seen on the streets of Philly you can see an illustration of mine be featured in the upcoming free zine about the comedy and improv scene called Rube

In March ill be featured in a very exciting first friday show, i won't spill the beans, but it will be like nothing i've ever done before ever, meaning not comics, screenprints, abstract images, drawings, collage, or an installation (all of the mediums i've worked with in gallery shows). It will be at Mast Head studios.

I'll be in the newest issue of the Hive Anthology as well

Math Fiction 2 is in the works. some really cool people are involved.

i've also been thinking about some new and weird changes to the philly alternative comic con....more on that in a few months.

I'm going to be submitting to a bunch of different anthologies in the next month or so, i wont bother to drop all the names since its not a given i'll be featured in any of them.

i began writing out and planning my epic graphic novel which will be 2001: a space odyssey + kramer from seinfeld + characters from my previous comics + lots of abstract weird shit.

it's official i'll be going to TCAF in May! i'll be putzing around with Box Brown and Cyn Why.

oh and check out Me + Ian Harker + Box Brown's comic review/culture/inside story blog called 555 - COMX
So far i write reviews of dollar and 50 cent bin back issues (where have all the quarter bins gone??) and post vintage ads done in comic form. down the line i plan on writing better more rant like posts and recaps of art openings and comic cons. but for now you can read my reviews of Deaths Head2, Wacky Witch, and UFO Flying Saucers.

i think thats everything goin on for now...