Saturday, March 14, 2009

some portrait illustrations

This is an illustration i did of the protagonist from the movie Tetsuo: The Iron Man, my all time favorite movie ever forever!This is an illustration of Michael J. Fox in the classic 80's movie Teen Wolf!

this first image is of the actor Crispin Glover, who i happen to be a big fan of. he's written and illustrated super weird books, has his own spoken word cd, directed a movie that was entirely cast with retarded people, and is a generally weird guy.  check him
 out going on david letterman in character from one of his movies.  

This is an illustration of the band The Locust

This is a portrait of Tina, the woman who works a million hours a week behind the counter of the chinese food bodega, Xing Wang, on the corner of 19th and Christian in Philadelphia, i went there almost everyday when i lived in that neighborhood. she actually has this hanging up in the store too

This is an illustration of the band the dirtbombs done for the magazine Royal Flush

this is a character from my favorite movie of all time repo man

and this is an illustration of the movie amelie

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