Tuesday, April 7, 2009


This is Quotidian, this was my first attempt at a standard size comic narrative (24 pages + the last page being the back inside cover in color).  I made this the summer of 2006 so its almost 3 years old but i still like it. 
It's was initially conceived as a love story, somewhat based on real life, but then i just kinda went off with it. I also love silent comic (my obvious influence being jim woodring), i did one or two before but this was when i really put that story telling method to the test. The comic itself is out of print, i did an initial run of 75, then a second printing of 40, then i 're-released' it last year along with about 15 more pages of silent comics in an untitled book. but i just sold out of those too, although im sure another print will be out in time for convention season. so anyways here it is, in its entirety,  for the internet. 

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