Monday, October 11, 2010


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so i scanned in a bunch of old stuff today including the LONG LONG LONG out of print "Creatures Saying Foul Things" i made as a project for my illustration class sophomore year in college. i had access to free copying back then and i made a ton and handed these fuckers out around school, and when i presented it for critique my teacher had everyone in the class read a different page, it was great seeing the total straight-laced jamaican kid say 'banana republic isnt just for vampires anymore' and i remember a girl in my class refused to say 'the anal laundry should be ready'. good times! so 'like' yeah dude comics on facebook and you can read this old school zine, along with the out of print untitled freebie (cover shown below), in their raw scan form!

this is also on the facebook page and has been posted around the net before in its ugly color version, heres the raw scan of the xeroxed zine

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Box Brown said...

Dude, I definitely bought and read that bottom comic from you before I ever knew you. I got it a punk rock flea market. Wild!