Thursday, December 9, 2010


whats new in my horizon? well i just lost my day job and am unemployed or as i like to call it a full time cartoonist. so in between looking for work to pay for christmas presents and bills and avoiding eviction i got my next line of comic projects comin up.

first im going to have 2 pages in the Latvian anthology KUS! which i started to draw already, its going to be a different approach, im drawing it entirely in colored pencil, kinda like the color pages of inhabitants. this wont drop until 2011 in february or so...ill keep you updated

secondly im helping put together a show at philly's coolest studio/gallery/hipster/screenprinting spot SPACE 1026. this also in february. ill keep my mouth shut as to what its going to be about and wait until the main curator whos running the show puts out his press release.

thirdly MATH FICTION SQUARED, the sequel to math fiction will feature more artists, more pages, more 3D, and more weirdness. im aiming for a MoCCA release in April.

fourthly my brother ian is in the very early fetus stages of coming up with an art-comic dudes themed manga. we talked about this on the car ride to and from brooklyn and basically its going to be all about book design and telling a 4 page story in 20 pages done by weirdo artists. if Math Fiction is like Heavy Metal this untitled Manga project will be like the thick newsprint digest sized manga (i dont read manga so i cant think of a title to compare it too)

and of course aside from all that i have my idea and very loose structure of my next book which i plan on making it a 5 issue 16-20 page mini comic series im gonna try to get published or a xeric grant graphic novel sometime in 2012. its going to be about Jon Bowman from 2001: a space odyssey, kramer from seinfeld, and my characters from inhabitants.

oh and one more thing
i still do webcomics over at INK ANSWER right now every monday i update with a new garfie---err... LAZY ORANGE CAT strip. check it out!!


Josh Blair said...

KUS! is one of the best anthologies out there. Congrats.

kuš! said...

This is one of the best comments out there. Thanks!