Sunday, December 5, 2010

Brooklyn Comics Graphics Recap

ive never really done any recaps before, i always just trolled the internet looking for a mention in others peoples here it is

me and my older brother ian got to brooklyn around 1030 and set up. from 11-12 it was only the artists and the public wasnt let in yet. i used this time to be super OCD and rearrange my books 10 times over and again. i later regretted that and should have used that time to buy cool comics before they sold out/the place was to crowded to get to.

it was the most success ive had a comic con aside from PACC (i only have success from PACC cuz its MY show though).
the place was completely crowded all day long, with tons of people with actual money buying stuff! it being a curated comic show i had another distinct feeling of 'fitting in' compared to shows like spx or mocca where i feel like a little fish in a big pond that no one notices. also there wasnt any real big down time at all, i spent ALLLL day talking to a million different people, some i knew, but a lot of people interested in what i do.

i of course went there with MATH FICTION, which everyone seemed really pumped about. a ton of people looked through it at the show, and 21 lucky people bought a copy and left home with it! i had no expectation at ALL to sell all 21 copies i had at the show, i totally thought 15 would be the maximum i would sell! i was kicking myself wishin i brought more copies since i sold out of them around 6 15, had ian go back to his car so we could sell his contributor copy, i then walked around and showed some people i knew would be interested, then sold the last copy to Zak Sally at like 645. this is what it looked like

want some name dropping?
well some cool philly dudes stop by including, Art Baxter, Bob Pistilli (who was hard-selling secret prison), Steve Teare (who drew on a bunch of the 3d glasses), Jason Clarke (who actually live in nyc now, but hes still a 'philly dude' to me), Dre time, and Tommy Rudmoose

i also saw and chatted with some comix friends of mine like Cody Pickrodt, Tom Smo, Sam Gaskin, Leon and Barry from Secret Acres, Chris Pitzer, Benjamin Marra, Matt Wiegle, Sally Bloodbath, Jim Rugg and Josh Burggraf

and then i also met some cool new people and people i only knew via the net like Anne Koyama, Zack Soto, Mykl Sivak, Tony Shenton, Aidan Koch, Michael Deforge and Jen Tong

and i then talked to like a million more people whose names i forget including a guy that actually lives in philly too that i never heard of that gave me a porn comic and also the guy that runs the Jack Kirby Museum who had a bunch of Kirby Blacklight Posters that looked so god damn trippy in 3d glasses my brain meleted out of my ears a little bit.

the quality of books released was SOOOOOO fucking high.

the highlights of my stash were:
a Jen Tong million-color screenprint art object book
Hot Topic by Sam Gaskin and Matt Furie
Boys Club 4 by Matt Furie
Mongoloid Revenge by Josh Burggraf
the New Smoke Signal issue
Maureen Dowd and Night business 3 by Ben Marra
Uptight 4 by Jordan Crane
Spotting Deer and Lose 2 by Michael Deforge
Good n Ready by Cody Pickrodt
and a Zack Soto collection

i also wanted to get but didnt have the loot for the new issue of Taffy Hips, Closed Caption Comics 9, the new Study Group anthology issue, and Crickets 3 (pbox and desert island were on the front stage that was completely packed the whole time, so i didnt even get to check out what they had...)

it was a long grueling day and we didnt leave until about 845. but i think MATH FICTION went over well and all the responses were great. so many people read my little sign about it being in 3d and were confused, then to put on glasses and open up the book and be amazed and be like "WOW!"

this was also the first show i ever had where there was a crowd and at one point a small line of people at my table, waiting to check out the 3D. it was very ego-satisfying.

all in all it was a great show and had a great time and hopefully made a great impression with MATH FICTION

oh and also Secret Prison 3 was released too which is soooo good! best issue to date. SP is hopefully now in a groove of each issue being exponentially better then the last.


jimrugg said...

I'm so mad I didn't pick up Math Fiction.

Ian Harker said...

Cool story bro

Box Brown said...

Reprint Math Fiction.