Wednesday, December 1, 2010


you can see shit like this in 3D!


oh. DUH!

debuting at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest!

this is what i've been working on all fall!

it has 4 new stories in the genre of Math Fiction! each weirder then the last!

what is Math Fiction you ask?

well it's kinda like if GOD was just a bunch of numbers the size of a galaxy floating around the universe and created worlds where barbarians roam the wastedlands with mind reading powers that let them see in 6 different dimensions at once, all this is happening while in space entire races of beings,that eat quantum physics for breakfast, walk around doing uni-mind tasks that take billions of light-years to do just for fun. it of course can only be viewed in 3D.
its like Heavy Metal if it were still cool and drawn by me and my friends.

also debuting at my table is SECRET PRISON 3! another great issue with mind blowing artists of course.

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